How Dental Implants Can Help You Love Your Smile Again

How Dental Implants Can Help You Love Your Smile Again

Your smile is one of the most beautiful features of your personality. Wearing a gleaming smile every day makes you look gorgeous. On the other hand, certain dental issues, such as misaligned or crooked teeth, can make you self-conscious. Dental health is an important issue that many people seem to ignore.


What, how, and when you intake affects your dental health to a great degree. Therefore, maintaining good oral hygiene is not enough when it comes to overall dental care. Dental implants play an essential role in your overall oral healthcare. While it may offer a natural look and a beautiful smile, it also has several other health outcomes that can make your life easier.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical components that are interfaces for dental prostheses, including dentures, crowns, facial prostheses, or bridges. They integrate with the bone of the jaw or skull to support the overall dental structure.

In simple words, they are an orthodontic anchor for maintaining the aesthetics of your teeth while making your smile beautiful. Here’s what makes them so beneficial for your health and dental aesthetics.


It is possible to replace a missing tooth with a dental crown bridge or even conventional dentures. While they are suitable methods to maintain the aesthetics, you might not get any support for your teeth roots. Overall, it means that you will lack support for your deteriorating jawbone.

Dental implants provide stability and support for your jawbone structure by holding the root of the teeth underneath in place. This means that you will achieve your beautiful smile with the same natural looks while having integrity and support in your jawbone structure. Besides, it helps in maintaining a consistent bite force. 

Natural Teeth Look

Dental implants, while artificial, don’t look anything less than the natural teeth on their own. In fact, they come in the right shades and sizes to fit the mouth perfectly. With teeth and implants that match the shade of your teeth, no one can tell the difference between the natural tooth and the artificial one.

Smile Aesthetics

Do you become self-conscious when you smile in public? Is it because of the missing teeth that you have? Well, dental implants are the solution to your problems because instead of going through the individual process for each of the missing teeth, dental implants can help you restore the natural look of your teeth. You can easily replace your missing teeth with crowns, bridges, and so on. In no time, you will have your healthy smile back.


Looking for the right oral surgeon to carry out the dental implants for your oral healthcare needs? Look no further because at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute, Dr. Shawn B. Davis, DMD, an expert in many different dental procedures, provides the best care.

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Top Tips to Finding the Best Oral Surgeon

Top Tips to Finding the Best Oral Surgeon

Finding the right oral surgeon is of paramount importance because the level of expertise an oral surgeon delivers in their dental care determines your level of oral health. However, finding the right oral surgeon can become a tricky task when you don’t know which qualities to look for.

For that simple reason, we have compiled a shortlist of the most important qualities to look for when choosing the top oral surgeon for you. Take a look and learn what qualities matter the most to ensure good oral health.

Tips to Finding the Best Oral Surgeon


  • Primary Healthcare Provider’s Recommendation

Before we discuss the qualities of the best oral surgeon, here are some suggestions in your daily healthcare that can provide quick solutions to your oral health problems. If you are thinking about the primary healthcare providers, you are on the right track.

Learning, practicing, and operating among an extensive network of healthcare providers, your primary healthcare physician or doctor might have some great suggestions for you when it comes to oral care. They might recommend one of the top oral surgeons if you have a dental issue that requires surgical intervention. Hence, it could be a great time-saver for you.

  • Training and Practice Experience

Inquire regarding the experience of your chosen oral surgeon. Learning how long they have been in practice increases your chances of receiving exemplary and successful treatments. With higher experience, you are sure to receive many solutions for your oral problems. 

Aside from that, experience breeds expertise. Hence, you will be at greater peace of mind during complex treatment procedures rather than worrying about what could go wrong.

  • Surgeon’s Specialty

A doctor’s specialty is a must. It allows you to judge their passion and determine whether they fit your medical needs. Moreover, an oral surgeon who also specializes in facial surgeries is a plus as then you can avail of two different types of medical care at the same institute.

  • Testimonials

A good oral surgeon will always have positive feedback. Even single negative feedback or bad oral treatment experience can hurt the reputation of the oral surgeon and your confidence in receiving their services.

  • Insurance

Finding an oral healthcare institute that accepts your dental and medical insurance plans as payments is a great convenience. Of course, you don’t want to end up in-office, getting treatments, and realizing that you have to pay from your pocket. 

Check the payment options and learn if one of them suits your financial requirements and benefits in getting oral treatments and care.


Looking to leave the tiresome search hassle behind? Well, for your oral and facial healthcare needs, you don’t have to look any further. The Oral & Facial Surgery Institute is one of the best health institutes in Southern Utah. Moreover, Dr. Shawn B. Davis, DMD, is a top facial and oral surgeon with immaculate experience. 

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