5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a big commitment in a lot of ways, and we all know that a fear of commitment is pretty common. There is obviously a cost associated with the procedure, and there is concern about the recovery process. However, it isn’t worth procrastinating. There are some big reasons why you should get your dental implants as soon as possible and not put it off any longer.


  • With Care, Implants Can Last a Lifetime

With modern technology, dental implants aren’t a temporary solution. The titanium posts that form the new roots for the implants seamlessly integrate into your existing bone structure. In addition, they are designed to be extremely durable. In fact, with care, you should be able to maintain your implants for an entire lifetime. With that in mind, there is no reason not to start right away!


  • Keep Your Remaining Teeth In Place

If you think about it, your teeth almost serve like a tension rod – it’s the fact that they are all in together, which keeps them in place. However, if you remove teeth, that tension dissipates. That means that you can certainly see your remaining teeth start to move if left untreated for extended periods of time. At the same point, the jawbone can deteriorate over time without teeth in place. Getting dental implants done now will prevent the spread of your teeth and preserve your jaw bone all at the same time.


  • Don’t Let Missing Teeth Impact Your Speech

You’ve spent your whole life learning to talk with your full mouth of teeth. With missing teeth, it can be easy for your speech to be affected, making it hard to fully enunciate words and may even give the impression of you having a lisp. Getting dental implants in can keep your speech crystal clear.


  • Over Time, Your Facial Appearance Can Be Impacted

Similar to the issues with the jawbone mentioned above, the impacts of missing teeth for a long period of time can impact your face as well. Most commonly, missing teeth may eventually cause your cheeks to sag, providing an aged, hollow look that can add years on, something we can all agree we want to avoid.


  • Keep Your Self Confidence

Self-esteem is massively important. Missing teeth, even if not noticeable to others, can be something that you quickly become self-conscious about. By quickly addressing any missing teeth, you can keep your confidence high and not worry about getting in your own head about missing teeth.


These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to get your dental implants sooner rather than later. We want to help achieve your smile goals! Contact us today, and let’s get you started on the road for your dental implants today.

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