What Happens If I Don’t Replace Missing Teeth?

When you lose a tooth, replacement options can be very time consuming and expensive. Healing time and financial concerns are both valid things to worry about. Let us inform you on why replacing your missing teeth is a good investment cosmetically and health-wise.


Bone Loss

When you remove a tooth and don’t replace it, it can actually cause bone loss. This happens when there is no root or replacement for bone to form around, so over time it disappears. This is why patients who receive dentures have a “sunken” look to their face because their actual bone is deteriorating.


Teeth Shifting

It may sound weird, but your mouth doesn’t like empty spaces! For example, if a lower tooth is missing, the two teeth to the side and above that empty space will try to close the gap.


Wear & Tear

Missing a tooth can cause wear and tear on other surrounding teeth. If a tooth is gone the other teeth have to make up for that one from a chewing standpoint, sometimes causing uneven wear of the teeth.



If you have a missing tooth in the front of your smile, it’s not always inviting or aesthetically pleasing. Living with missing teeth can cause the patient to be embarrassed or have low self-esteem. If you have to live without a tooth, know there are replacement options to help you feel like yourself again and get you back to that confident state.



Replacing a tooth with an implant can sometimes be a financial concern, they aren’t the cheapest option on the market. That is because implants are the alternative that is closest to a natural tooth. Studies have shown they are the strongest option and longest-lasting, therefore providing you with the best bang for your buck.

Let the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute help you out! Whether you just lost a tooth, or if you have been missing a tooth for a long time, we will be there from start to finish to help you get your smile back! Contact our office for a consultation today!