How Often Should Your Toothbrush Be Replaced?

It’s not something you think of often, but replacing your toothbrush is vital for your oral health. Believe it or not, but your toothbrush is one of those things that should be replaced as often as all of your other personal hygiene products.


So how are you supposed to know when you need to replace your toothbrush? Keep reading to find out!


Signs You Need to Replace Your Toothbrush


You rely on your toothbrush to clean your teeth, gums, and to remove plaque. So naturally, you want to make sure it’s getting the job done. But if your toothbrush has any of the following symptoms, it may be time to get it replaced.


After about three months, your toothbrush may start showing mold, fungus, or worth. You can usually tell if this is happening if the bristles are changing color. If your bristles are frayed, it’s another surefire sign that its’ time to change your toothbrush.


The best part of a new toothbrush is its stiffness. They manage to get into every spot of your mouth and clean out every type of bacteria you may have lurking in your mouth. But when your toothbrush is old, your bristles start to get soft and won’t get the job done.


If you’ve been sick lately, chances are your toothbrush may be the reasoning behind it. Strep throat or the flu are common illnesses that can easily be passed on through your toothbrush.


What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Toothbrush Often Enough?


If you don’t change your toothbrush often enough, chances are you won’t die. However, you will certainly feel the effects of it. As mentioned earlier, bacteria and fungus can easily grow on your toothbrush. When your toothbrush isn’t removing the plaque in your teeth as it should be, your teeth can start to grow mold. And who wants that?


Getting the Right Dental Products for You


It can be hard to know what type of dental products you need. The best thing you can do is to ask your dentist. However, you can also figure it out on your own by testing out different bristle types and seeing what works best for you.


An electric toothbrush is one that people usually go for due to the fact that improves your oral health more than regular toothbrushes do.


Do as much research as you possibly can and take into consideration any problems you may already be having.


Be sure to use a toothpaste that has fluoride in it to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible. As always, floss is another way to make sure your teeth stay healthy. An


In Conclusion


Your toothbrush is one of those things that you shouldn’t let go by the wayside. It’s vital to your oral hygiene that you constantly have a brand-new toothbrush otherwise your mouth could suffer consequences.


If you still have any questions, be sure to reach our team at the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute, to ask any questions that you might have!