How to Help Denture Mouth Sores

Getting dentures comes with a fair amount of discomfort and gum pain. Especially in the first few weeks after wearing dentures, you may have to deal with sore and sensitive gums until your mouth adjusts. On top of that, you may experience additional pain as your bone structure, and gums grow over time.

Besides this, if you’re experiencing denture pain, you can easily spot the symptoms. It includes red patches on the skin just below the denture or the development of white yeast patches. In certain cases, the gums may appear to spread over the denture resulting in pain in the red tissues. Here we’ve rounded up a couple of ways you can relieve denture pain:

Your denture sore may cause discomfort and irritation in your mouth. Here are some measures you can take to restrict the development of denture sores:

Practice Proper Denture Hygiene

Taking care of your denture may sound like a chore, but in-depth cleaning and proper denture care can help avoid extreme denture discomforts.

For starters, thoroughly clean your dentures with a dental cleanser and remove any food particles from your mouth. That way, you can keep denture pain caused by bacteria, yeast, or thrush at bay.

Moreover, be sure to immerse your dentures in lukewarm water before crawling into bed at night. It helps loosen particles that may be stuck to your dentures resulting in easy removal when brushing the next morning.

Avoid Sticky Foods and Enjoy Soft Ones

In order to avoid denture mouth sores, as well as get used to chewing with dentures, patients should opt for soft foods. It comprises dishes like soup, porridge, pudding, seedless grapes, berries, and so on.

Your main goal should be ensuring your mouth is always moist. It is because the lubricating saliva helps reduce denture friction, thus preventing gum irritation. In case you consume foods or liquids, like coffee, that reduce saliva production, make sure you follow it by taking copious amounts of non-diuretic fluids.

In addition to this, avoid seeded bread, sticky food, hot and spicy food, and particularly hard food that requires extra force to bite down. It may lead to sore spots below your dentures or discomfort.

Utilize a Denture Adhesive

A high-quality denture adhesive can help restrict gum pain by preventing the existence of food particles between your dentures and gums.

Besides that, denture adhesive ensures your dentures remain in their designated place and don’t irritate your gums.

Home Remedies to Help Prevent Sore Gums

Apart from the prevention steps mentioned above, you may try the easy-to-follow home remedies added below:

  • Contact your oral surgeon to ask whether you can use a topical anesthetic or not. They may recommend one consisting of benzocaine lower pain levels.
  • Regularly rinse your mouth with salty water.
  • Take over-the-counter pain relief medication to relieve pain, inflammation, and discomfort as per your oral surgeon’s recommendation.
  • Be sure to remove your dentures for around six hours each day to relax your gums.
  • Soaking your dentures in water helps remove food particles stuck on the dentures.

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