Impacted Canines

An impacted tooth is a tooth that has failed to erupt properly and may be blocked or “stuck” underneath the gum line. Patients frequently develop problems with impacted teeth as they will not erupt into their correct position on their own. Most often, an impacted tooth will be a wisdom tooth, though it is also a common occurrence in canine teeth. Impacted canine teeth can be painful, so we treat this with care and efficiency.

impacted canines st george utah

What are canine teeth, when should I expect to have to deal with impacted canines?

Canine teeth are located at the corners of the arch, next to the incisors. They have one pointed edge (cusp) that is used for holding, grasping, and tearing food. Due to the canines’ long root, they are very strong, stable teeth. Canines are usually the last teeth to erupt and typically do so when your child is around the age of 12 or 13. Dr. Davis takes the time to understand how best to approach every situation and helps make this painful process easier to deal with.

What do I do if my child has an impacted canine?

If your son or daughter develops an impacted canine, a simple surgical procedure is recommended to assist its eruption. We will surgically expose the tooth by making an incision and a small flap in the surrounding gum tissue. After the tooth is exposed, we will either leave the tooth to emerge on its own or attach an orthodontic bracket to the tooth to help guide it into place. We take steps to ensure it is done correctly the first time and make certain that the patient is cared for post-surgery.

With early detection and combined surgical and orthodontic treatment, impacted canines can be allowed to appear and/or be guided to the ideal position in your child’s mouth.

Patients with impacted canines come to us from Cedar City (Iron County), Hurricane, Mesquite, Page, AZ, Kanab, St. George and nearby communities.