Do I Need General Anesthesia When I Get Dental Implants?

Do I Need General Anesthesia When I Get Dental Implants?

Normally, most dental implant procedures and surgeries involve giving anesthesia to the patient. It ensures safety and prevents discomfort to the patient during the surgery. In general, dental surgeons preemptively use local anesthesia to only sedate and numb the area of the mouth where the implant occurs. In case there is extensive bone grafting involved, your dental surgeon will consider using general anesthesia for a comfortable procedure.

However, it still doesn’t take much effort to imagine the worst that can happen during an invasive dental procedure. Just imagining the needles, sharp tools, and the removal of broken teeth can be overwhelming for some people. That’s when doctors use anesthesia. A dental surgeon can provide general anesthesia to comfort the patient and ease the pain if any procedure requires. 

Getting Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. With missing teeth, you may feel self-conscious and less likely to interact socially. Moreover, the lack of teeth can make chewing and eating difficult. While every dental surgeon aims to do their best in the dental implants procedure, here’s why they will recommend either local or general anesthesia.

General Anesthesia

Dental implants don’t necessarily have to be one or two. When there is more than one tooth replacement, your dental surgeon will ask you to choose between local and general anesthesia. However, you should know that often when there are seven or eight dental implants, dental surgeons typically don’t use general anesthesia. Rather, they use local anesthesia to reduce the pain and numb the area.

Furthermore, depending on your previous medical history, you may require general anesthesia. The important thing is to know that whether or not general anesthesia is safe for you. Do you think you can’t sit through the implant surgery comfortably or without panic? Discuss sedation options with your dental surgeon. You may receive an additional sedative alongside local anesthesia to help you relax. 

Local Anesthesia

As far as the general dental implant procedure goes, local anesthesia is what most patients require for the entire procedure. You won’t feel anything except a subtle needle prick in the implant site. Occasionally, patients require OTC medication to help with minor discomfort and oral pain post-procedure. Oral options may require you to sit longer if you want to bear the needle pricks. Make sure that you discuss the options with your surgeon ahead of time.


Dental implants might not be as painful, but the procedure requires a certain skill set and experience. Therefore, you should choose the best dental surgeon in the town for your tooth replacement needs. Dr. Davis DMD is one of the top oral healthcare providers in Southern Utah at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute. Give us a call at (435) 740-8296 to discuss the dental implants procedure with Dr. Davis. Visit our official website for further inquiries.

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Teeth-In-A-Day – What to Know

Teeth-In-A-Day – What to Know

On average, dentists in the US place nearly 5 million dental implants each year. What’s more, new techniques and procedures are replacing traditional dental implants such as dentures, etc., as innovations in dentistry take place. Are you familiar with the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure?

Whether you have missing teeth or uncomfortable, poorly fitted dentures or dental implants, you have come to the right place. Here’s what you should know about Teeth-In-A-Day. 

What is Teeth-In-A-Day?


It is an option for people who want to replace a large set of teeth at once, which can sometimes be an entire arch, upper and/or lower. In this single-appointment procedure, you get a set of fresh prosthetic teeth arches to wear while the implants heal and fuse into the jawbone.

There is no need for multiple surgical visits, and it is a minimally invasive procedure. In fact, if a patient requires replacement of damaged tooth (i.e., after extraction) with prosthetics, then it may be possible at the same time along with restorations.

The process involves an invasive placement of four to six implants inside your mouth rather than a single implant for every tooth.

How Does It Work?

The procedure for a general Teeth-In-A-Day follows up with a deep CT and X-Ray scan of your mouth. This gives your dentist an idea of your current dental condition. If you have any damaged teeth and you want them extracted, your dentist will do that as well.

After your dentist extracts the teeth, they will initiate the implant process and place a minimum of four dental implants in your jaw after looking at the scans. This will also eliminate the need for bone graft because your dentist will optimize the jawbone location for the implants beforehand.

The dentist will use a local anesthetic, and you may also ask to use a sedation option, such as IV sedation, light, local anesthetics, oral anesthetics, etc. Consequently, your dentist will place abutments to take impressions in order to recreate artificial teeth for you. While your implants fuse and the jaw heals, your dentist will work on the custom-made teeth. 

The temporary teeth will look like any other natural restoration. Finally, your dentist will conduct frequent check-ups during a span of a few months until the implants completely fuse into the jawbone. After the implants successfully integrate with the bone, you may ask your dentist to place a stronger prosthetic. 

How Do You Know That You Should Go For Teeth-In-A-Day?

Here’s what might call for a Teeth-In-A-Day procedure:

  • loose dentures
  • edentulous (no teeth)
  • Damaged bridges or crowns
  • ill-fitted dentures
  • desire for fixed teeth

Consider consulting your general dentist, and if they confirm, the next step might be a detailed examination of your dental state.

What are the Benefits of Teeth-In-A-Day?

Here are some benefits of the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure:

  • they are fixed and don’t get loose or fall
  • the treatment procedure takes less than a day
  • easy maintenance and more comfortable
  • better stability and no bone grafts
  • few implants (4 to 6) rather than one for every single tooth

Certain Factors to Consider Before Teeth-In-A-Day

What you should know about this dental procedure is that it is not a myth but a reality. However, keeping a few things in mind might help further.

Firstly, such a procedure can cause damage to the blood vessels or any other teeth near the implant. Nevertheless, if your dentist has experience and expertise, then there might not be any tissue or blood vessel damage.

Secondly, a sinus lift surgery might be necessary to resolve the sinus issues that may arise due to the implant reaching a sinus cavity. Further, only adequate procedural techniques and attention will prevent an infection on-site (i.e., dentist’s office).


If you want to get the Teeth-In-A-Day procedure done by the best experts in surgical dentistry, contact Dr. Shawn B. Davis. Here at Oral and Facial Surgery Institute in Utah, Dr. Shawn B. Davis, MD, feels proud to provide the best treatments to his patients, including All-on-4 dental implants, to give them a beautiful smile.

Give us a call today at (435) 238-7083 to schedule an appointment. Or pay us a personal visit if you are in Utah at 1098 East Riverside Dr St. George, UT 84790.

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A New Year, a New Smile, a New You!

Are you ready to enter the New Year wearing that perfect Hollywood smile? Do you want to make your teeth whiter and brighter? Well, you should do something to treat your oral problems like implanting All-on-4 dental implants. Here are some tips to get a pretty smile on New Year’s Eve.

Say Bye to Teeth Damaging Food Items

Limit your consumption of foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, alcohol like red wine, and pops. These drinks can cause tooth decay and stain your teeth. Health professionals also suggest avoiding dark cola if you want to get a beautiful smile. If you drink cola, wait thirty minutes and gargle with water before brushing. As cola is a type of acid, it can damage your teeth even more if you rub them on your teeth.

You may already know smoking is also one of the culprits that affect your teeth greatly. Not only does it change the appearance of your teeth, but it also reduces saliva flow. This problem allows bacteria to grow in your gums and teeth.

Eat Veggies and Fruits

There is no doubt that veggies and fruits are life-saving foods. They help you prevent several health problems and treat the ones that have already developed. Your gums and teeth can also enjoy the benefits of these healthy food items. Veggies and fruits like celery and carrots freshen up your breath and clean plaque. These contain antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and other nutrients that protect your teeth’ tissues and gums from bacterial infection and cell damage.

So, in the New Year, try to incorporate tasty and mouthwatering vegetables and fruits in your daily diet instead of consuming candy and chips.

Go For All-On-4 Dental Implants

All-on-4 implants are equipment used for correcting the teeth. It is a permanent fabricated tooth set that an oral surgeon surgically implants in your jaw. They feel, function, and look like natural teeth. These are the permanent teeth that you can clean and brush as you do your natural teeth.

The following are some benefits of these dental implants.

  • The recovery and treatment time is lesser than the other dental methods.
  • It eliminates the need for bone graft surgery while offering proper stability to your bone.
  • It is also comfortable, as it gives your natural feel.
  • This dental implant saves you from problems like false teeth falling out or slipping in your mouth while eating or communicating.
  • After this dental important, you don’t require denture adhesive.

Don’t Forget to Visit Oral Surgeon

If you want a healthy and attractive smile, you better stick to your regular appointments. It’s important to visit health professionals every six months so that you can prevent dental health problems. Regularly visiting your oral surgeon will help maintain a flawless smile, as the experts will examine and clean your teeth. They will also give you tips and tell you the best practices for healthy teeth.

Make 2021 the year where you share a healthy and pretty smile with your friends and family by visiting the best experts in town like Oral and Facial Surgery Institute. You can visit their office or contact them at 435-628-1100. They offer all the dental services, including All-on-4 dental implants.

Knowing Your Dental Implant Options

From endosteal implants right to a ridge expansion, dental implants come in a plethora of different options. It means you can easily find one that best matches your needs. However, it also means you can’t know which implant works best for you.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of dental implant options you can undergo. It is as follows:

The Different Types of Dental Implants

Typically, dental implants are of three chief types:

Endosteal Implants (Endosseous)

Endosteal implants are the most popularly used implant consisting of small screw-shaped implants. These use high-quality titanium to ensure a comfortable fit. Moreover, the dentists place them right inside the jawbone.

Subperiosteal Implants

Contrary to the endosteal implants, these are placed under the gum. Or the dentist may install it above the jawbone. You’d go for this option only if your jaw does not comprise a sufficient amount of healthy bone. Moreover, you may select this implementation method if you want to avoid the augmentation procedure.

Zygomatic Implants

The least common procedure is the Zygomatic implant. It is a super complicated process used only if your jaw lacks the bones necessary for an Endosteal implant. Here the implant is installed in the patient’s cheekbone.

Additional Dental Implant Technique

In case your jaw bone cannot support dental implants, your dentist may utilize a variety of different techniques to restore your bone, jawline or ensure a sustainable base for implant-supported teeth. Here you’ll see the following:

Bone Augmentation

In case the bone in your jaw is deteriorating, you’ll have to go for bone augmentation. Researches and studies alike show that utilizing bone additives and extra growth factors can strengthen the bone.

Sinus Lift

Otherwise known as sinus augmentation, the process includes installing an extra bone right below the sinus. It is done right where your jaw is missing a natural bone.

Ridge Expansion

Lastly, if the dentist deems your jaw too small to support dental implants, they’ll select ridge expansion for you. It involves adding a small ridge along the top lining of your jaw.

3D Imaging

Your dentist is likely to use revolutionary 3D digital imaging and additional futuristic surgical planning software to assist him in his finding. These clear and precise pictures help pinpoint your problem and find a solution faster than ever. It allows for less time waster and a much shorter recovery time.

Ways to Getting Dental Implants

These are as follows:


Instead of getting multiple teeth replacements on the top and bottom of your mouth, you can opt for an all-on-4. Here four dental implants are located atop available bone. Due to the use of special abutments, you’ll have to follow a strict diet for a couple of months until the gum tissues are healing.

Mini Dental Implants (MDIs)

Otherwise referred to as narrow-diameter implants, these implants are no bigger than a toothpick and super narrow. It allows for easy installments with minimally invasive techniques/

Immediate Load Dental Implants

In this process, a temporary tooth is located during a similar time frame as your dental implant placement. Otherwise known as same-day implants, these are a good option for boasting adequate natural bone to secure instant placement safely.

Have a healthy, beautiful smile with the help of our dedicated team of professionals here at The Oral and Facial Surgery Institute. Book an appointment today to get first in line!

All-On-4 Implants vs. Dentures

If you or a loved one are in need of false teeth, you might only know about dentures, as they have been around for decades. There are some newer options on the market that might be a better fit, like the All-On-4 implant.

You basically have three options to replace teeth – full dentures, individual implants for each tooth, or the All-On-4 implants that use only 4-6 implants on each half of your mouth, using a bridge to cover the rest of the teeth.

There are a time and a place for both implants and dentures, and we will break down the right time for each product.

What is an All-On-4 Implant?

These implants can replace all of your upper or lower teeth with only 4 or 6 implants. Then, bridges can be used to give you a full mouth. Lowering the number of implants is better for your mouth and more cost-effective than if you replace all of your teeth with individual implants.


Dental care can be pricey, but fortunately, the All-On-4 implants are actually one of the cheaper options available. This is a more price efficient way than getting individual implants for each tooth or getting an entire set of dentures made up.

If you were to replace each tooth with individual implants you could more than double the price of getting the All-On-4 implants.


While you will find the All-On-4 implants to be a little bit thicker than your natural teeth, the implants are thinner and much more comfortable than a full set of dentures. They arguably feel the most comfortable and the most natural of any tooth-replacement option on the market.

While the short-term might be uncomfortable, as it will require medical surgery to install the implants, All-On-4 implants are the most comfortable option that will have you feeling like you have real teeth. You need to decide if short term discomfort is worth long-term comfort.

Medical Needs

Consider that if you get individual implants, you will need to have surgery and bone grafts each time you get one implant. With the All-On-4, you need to undergo those procedures a lot less, saving you money and also the pain and suffering of additional medical procedures.

Dentures might be the easiest medically, as the fitting procedure for dentures is a lot less invasive than the surgery for implants. If concern over medical surgeries is a priority for you, then consider dentures instead of any type of implant.


All-On-4 implants can be the last set of teeth you will ever need, and they are generally worth the investment. You can replace all of your teeth with the All-On-4 implants. This means it will be cheaper than replacing each tooth with individual implants, but you also will not have to remove your teeth as you do with dentures. These implants are designed to be permanent and have you with a good-looking smile for years to come.

Exploring the Benefits of Teeth-In-A-Day

Are you happy with your current smile? Have you tried dentures, or are you looking for a better alternative to standard dentures? Due to genetics, disease, or trauma to the teeth, you may need a full cosmetic overhaul of your smile–but dentures? Even the thought of dentures can be overwhelming and disappointing. But there are other options available to you, even if you have been turned away for dental implants.


Dentures can be uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and bothersome, but our state-of-the-art oral surgical procedure, All-on-4 treatment, replaces those dentures with 4 perfectly fitted dental implants. This full dental restoration will restore your smile and renew your quality of life by taking the worry and discomfort out of chewing, talking, and smiling.


All-in-4 is a better alternative to dentures


All-on-4 has a myriad of welcome benefits over other dental restoration services. With our dental restoration services and our other dental services, we are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a procedure.


No more adhesive! No more taking out your dentures to clean or soak them! No more embarrassing slippage of your dentures while you are talking.


You won’t have to worry anymore about food that slips beneath your dentures, causing discomfort and unpleasant odor.


Sleeping in dentures can cause health problems.


All-in-4 can replace yesterday’s dentures with the confident smiles of tomorrow.


Here are some of the great benefits you can expect with this one-day dental transformation:

  • All-in-4 is done in one day. Walk out with the winning smile you have always wanted.
  • Offering full-arch restoration and only 4 dental implants are used, which means less healing time for you.
  • With All-in-4 cosmetic dentistry services, you will have a lower need for bone graft surgery.
  • All-in-4 feels like your natural teeth, making it far more comfortable than dentures.
  • All-in-4 looks like your natural teeth. Cosmetically speaking, they are far superior to the often oddly-colored dentures. You can find some before and after pictures and the beautiful smiles of our satisfied clients here.
  • They won’t wear out like dentures can after 5-10 years. One procedure and you are on your way with a worry-free smile.
  • No-worry perfect fit.
  • Better for younger people who do not want the stigma of dentures, but still need cosmetic repair.
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art dental care and technology.
  • No more dentures!


All-in-4 Helps people who have been turned away

All-in-4 is perfect for those who have been turned away for other dental implant surgeries. Sometimes bone loss can make dental implant procedures more difficult for those patients. All-in-4 can be the answer for those patients. Not only is it easier to do with less bone, but it can also ensure greater stability for existing bone.


This procedure can also remove the worry over the further deterioration of your gum line due to the pressure of dentures and restore your smile. This will work even if you have already suffered bone loss or been turned away.


Consider All-in-4 for your winning smile–today!  Give us a call or set up an appointment online. We look forward to serving you.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are a big commitment in a lot of ways, and we all know that a fear of commitment is pretty common. There is obviously a cost associated with the procedure, and there is concern about the recovery process. However, it isn’t worth procrastinating. There are some big reasons why you should get your dental implants as soon as possible and not put it off any longer.


  • With Care, Implants Can Last a Lifetime

With modern technology, dental implants aren’t a temporary solution. The titanium posts that form the new roots for the implants seamlessly integrate into your existing bone structure. In addition, they are designed to be extremely durable. In fact, with care, you should be able to maintain your implants for an entire lifetime. With that in mind, there is no reason not to start right away!


  • Keep Your Remaining Teeth In Place

If you think about it, your teeth almost serve like a tension rod – it’s the fact that they are all in together, which keeps them in place. However, if you remove teeth, that tension dissipates. That means that you can certainly see your remaining teeth start to move if left untreated for extended periods of time. At the same point, the jawbone can deteriorate over time without teeth in place. Getting dental implants done now will prevent the spread of your teeth and preserve your jaw bone all at the same time.


  • Don’t Let Missing Teeth Impact Your Speech

You’ve spent your whole life learning to talk with your full mouth of teeth. With missing teeth, it can be easy for your speech to be affected, making it hard to fully enunciate words and may even give the impression of you having a lisp. Getting dental implants in can keep your speech crystal clear.


  • Over Time, Your Facial Appearance Can Be Impacted

Similar to the issues with the jawbone mentioned above, the impacts of missing teeth for a long period of time can impact your face as well. Most commonly, missing teeth may eventually cause your cheeks to sag, providing an aged, hollow look that can add years on, something we can all agree we want to avoid.


  • Keep Your Self Confidence

Self-esteem is massively important. Missing teeth, even if not noticeable to others, can be something that you quickly become self-conscious about. By quickly addressing any missing teeth, you can keep your confidence high and not worry about getting in your own head about missing teeth.


These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to get your dental implants sooner rather than later. We want to help achieve your smile goals! Contact us today, and let’s get you started on the road for your dental implants today.