4 Tips on Soothing Tooth Extraction Pain

Getting a tooth extracted is sometimes an inevitable part of life and your journey to keeping your oral health in the state you need it to be in. Unfortunately, most surgeries do come with a small amount of discomfort while your body works to repair the surgical site. When it comes to teeth extractions, you may have a tender side of your face for a couple of days following the procedure. In that case, here are 4 tips on soothing tooth extraction pain. 

Tip 1: Use Tooth Extraction Prescribed Medications

Pain meds may be your best friend after getting a tooth extracted. Not only can your prescribed medications help alleviate your pain symptoms, they also can work to minimize inflammation and swelling, making your mouth less sore and heal more quickly. This can help you sleep well by makine the surgical side of your face less painful to the touch.

Tip 2: Use a cold pack or heating pad to soothe pain.

A cold pack is good for reducing swelling and numbing the painful area. A heating pack on the other hand won’t serve a purpose in reducing swelling, however many have reported that the warmth helps soothe the sore area and can aid in your night of sleeping.

Tip 3: Elevate yourself when in bed.

Elevation is a long-used trick in the medical field to reduce blood rushing to or filling an area of the body. Working the same as elevating your feet does, keeping your head elevated will prevent too much blood from rushing to the surgical site causing swelling and unnecessary discomfort. 

Tip 4: Ask your surgeon for their expert recommendations.

Oral surgeons are trained professionals with years of tooth extraction experience and your surgeon may have specialty tips or tricks to help you rest after your procedure. Be sure to ask them before your extraction what they would recommend.


There are many options you can utilize to lessen the pain after you have a tooth extracted. As with any oral surgery, listen to the instructions of your surgeon. Call Shawn B. Davis at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute to answer your questions about tooth extraction. Call (435) 238-7083 now.

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