How Missing Teeth Can Affect Your Health

How Missing Teeth Can Affect Your Health

Ever wonder what it’ll be like if you had missing teeth? While it doesn’t take a genius to explain that there are effects of having missing teeth, it’s more than just aesthetic-related concerns. In fact, missing teeth can affect your health in different ways. 

Missing teeth mean that your mouth is prone to a variety of illnesses and disorders, especially the distortion and deterioration of the jawbone structure. When the jawbone structure experiences deterioration, the roots can lose their strength. You shouldn’t waste any time replacing missing teeth before it becomes a greater cause for concern.

Here are a few health risks associated with missing teeth. Nearly all of these risks can cause long-term effects and severe lifestyle implications if you leave them untreated for long.

  • Effects on Your Smile

There’s a huge variety of effects that missing teeth can have on your smile. You might become shy and highly subconscious about your missing teeth condition. This can cause you to avoid social interactions, so you don’t have to smile so often, leading to anxiety, phobias, and depression. Additionally, when your teeth sockets are empty, it can cause the remaining teeth to shift to the empty spaces, which makes the existing teeth structure crooked. This can put a further strain on your mental health regarding your smile.

  • Risk of Gum Diseases

This is also a no-brainer, but many people fail to realize it or choose to ignore it on purpose. But not paying attention to the risks of gum disease can prove detrimental to your overall health as well. Gum disease is a culprit behind many types of health conditions such as digestive issues, stomachaches, and even serious internal infections. The empty tooth pockets that once housed your teeth are now safehouses for bacteria.

  • Jawbone Density Loss

Jawbone issues are highly common among those who start losing their teeth due to an injury, medical condition, or other reason. Teeth allow the jawbone to hold well, which gives your face proper structure. This also promotes the density and keeps the jawbone strong for the timeline. Since missing teeth no longer stimulate the jawbone, bone loss occurs through bone density loss.

  • Prolonged Bite Problems

Whether you have bite problems, losing one or more teeth can cause the problem to become persistent. This is because the missing teeth provide the necessary gaps for the remaining teeth to overlap each other and become crooked due to exerting pressure. Of course, you can’t just stop chewing or biting forever. Hence, contacting the right healthcare expert is significant. 


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