How to Prevent Jaw Injuries

Several things can harm the jaw, including falls, car accidents, physical injury, and fights. Surgery to realign the jaws may be required if either the upper or lower jaw is significantly injured. After the occurrence of an injury, jaw surgery can also assist in restoring the functionality of several jaw components. Here we talk about how to prevent jaw injuries, and what they may look like. 

Additionally, trauma can’t always manifest in a jaw injury or damage. If you unintentionally grip or grind your teeth (bruxism), have some other para-functional behaviors, or even have hereditary jaw problems, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) may suffer, which can be very painful at the same time. In certain situations, jaw surgery could also be advised as a course of treatment if the injury is serious enough. However, most individuals with bruxism or a TMJ issue will follow a much more conservative treatment plan and only resort to surgical treatments if other measures are ineffective. Any aspect of the treatment involving non-surgical, as well as surgical procedures must be planned in consultation with an oral surgeon. Several common sense precautions can assist you in avoiding surgery and preventing jaw injuries. You can effectively reduce your risk of having a jaw injury by simply doing the following things:

Using the Jaw for the Right Reasons

Try using the jaw only for the purpose it was made for in the first place, which was to eat and chew food. Avoid opening hard items like cans, bottles, and non-food items from your mouth, as it can weaken your teeth and greatly harm your jaw. Our jaws are made for only one specific task, and using them for extensively difficult tasks can greatly deteriorate our health.

Keep Your Living Space Free

Make sure your living space is free of all kinds of tripping and slipping hazards as they play a major role in injuries, especially pertaining to jaw and teeth. If you have cleaned your living space from all kinds of tripping hazards, you have avoided a lot of jaw injuries. Slipping and tripping are major causes and reasons for a person having a jaw injury.

Wear a Mouth Guard for Sports Activities

Wearing a mouthguard in all of your sports activities if you are a sports person also helps mitigate a lot of jaw injuries. Not only do mouthguards protect your jaws, but they also help mediate the effects of concussions. It becomes crucial for individuals who regularly participate in such activities to take care of their teeth and jaws.

Treat Other Oral Issues Immediately

If you have any signs and symptoms of medical illnesses like hypoglycemia, hypotension, neurogenic causes of syncope, or inner ear vestibular problems, get them diagnosed, treated, and avoided to prevent jaw injuries or problems further. 

Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

Try to manage and alleviate your mood through a healthy lifestyle, hobbies, and meditation, as stress also greatly contributes to issues like bruxism, which can further lead to jaw injuries and issues. Continuous stress and anxiety can also lead to several medical issues and even contribute to the chances of slipping and tripping into a cloudy and overcrowded mind. 


Jaw injuries can be caused for several reasons and can also be severe in many cases. Therefore, it is essential to avoid and prevent jaw injuries through necessary actions to avoid pain and discomfort.

However, if you have already experienced a jaw injury and looking for the best treatment solution, feel free to contact our experts at the Shawn B. Davis, DMD Oral & Facial Surgery Institute for the most professional treatment and cure. 

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