Oral Cancer: What You Should Know

Like all forms of cancer, oral cancer is a disease of concern that needs consideration to provide early detection and rapid, efficient treatment. In the United States, upwards of 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Knowing the warning signs and risk factors is crucial. Here are some things you should know about oral cancer.

Risk Factors You Should Know About


The largest contributing factor to developing oral cancer is the usage of tobacco products. This includes cigarettes, vapes, and chew products. There is also evidence to prove that secondhand smoke is dangerous and can lead to a variety of illnesses. If you are currently smoking, reach out to your healthcare provider and ask for assistance. There are free programs available to you that can help you stop smoking in order to stay as healthy as you can. 


Heavy alcohol consumption poses a large range of risks to your body and to your overall oral health. If you are currently drinking more than two alcoholic drinks a day, you are at an increased risk of the associated health problems. Try to limit the drink you have and speak to your healthcare provider if you need help.


The most common STD is a virus know are the human papilloma virus (HPV). Certain strains of HPV are linked to increased risks of oral cancer. If you have HPV or are concerned about it, speak with your healthcare provider on how to best protect yourself.


There are many risk factors that contribute to your chances of developing oral cancer. If you take the safety measures suggested above, you can greatly reduce your chances of suffering from the disease. If you have concerns about protecting yourself or believe you make need treatment, contact Shawn B. Davis at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute, (435) 238-7083 today.

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