Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

If you ask a child, they will tell you wisdom teeth make you smarter. While we wish this were true, the real reason why we have wisdom teeth is much different. Although times have changed, and the way we live has evolved, many years ago, wisdom teeth were essential for eating and survival for our ancestors. They were an essential piece for being able to eat, given that much of the food consumed was raw or very tough.


Today, wisdom teeth don’t serve their original functions anymore. With the advances in cooking and utensils, the need for the back set of molars, or wisdom teeth, have become obsolete.

Wisdom Teeth and Modern Times

Wisdom teeth are not needed for survival today, which might be the reason why not everyone has them. Genetics are the determining factors of those who get wisdom teeth. While males are more likely to get them than females, they can be painful regardless. Most wisdom teeth, or your last set of molars, will erupt in your late teens to early adulthood.


When these molars finally erupt, it can be painful. Some might never erupt, and these can become impacted. Over time, our build has changed. Our ancestors would have had wider mouths, with a bit of a larger jaw, allowing for more room for the wisdom teeth. While many of our appearances remain the same, there have been some changes over time.

Dealing with Wisdom Teeth Today

Wisdom teeth can cause pain, but they can also cause teeth to move and not leave enough room in your mouth for your regular teeth. If you are experiencing pain from wisdom teeth, you need to visit your dentist and discuss having these removed.


Contact our office today, and we can help determine the best course of action for all your dental needs. From wisdom teeth to preventive care, we have all your dental needs covered!


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