Why You Should Have an Oral Surgeon Perform Extractions

One of the stereotypes of the dentist, especially in cartoons, is that they are known for pulling out teeth. In fact, one can argue that this stereotype (along with constant drilling for cavities) can be the root of the fear of the dentist that many children (and some adults) have. While dentists perform a wide amount of oral care and will pull teeth when needed, the procedure of tooth extraction is best left for oral surgeons for a variety of reasons. Many dentists will refer extractions to oral surgeons, but surgeons should be considered in all cases – and here’s why.


Oral Surgeons Perform FAR More Tooth Extractions


Dentists cover a wide variety of procedures and care information during their education and residency. Oral surgeons specialize in just surgical procedures. While there are obviously far more procedures than just extractions, this specialization means that an oral surgeon will perform hundreds, if not thousands, of extractions during their residency, which is far more than a dentist. This gives an oral surgeon loads of hands-on, practical experience to make the procedure an exceptionally successful one.


If You Want Sedation, Go with a Surgeon


Even routine surgical procedures can cause anxiety in patients, and the thought of being awake and cognizant during the procedure can just add to the nerves. Most dentists don’t have the ability or the certification to use anesthesia during a tooth extraction. However, oral surgeons are all licensed to use full anesthesia for a procedure, rather than just local. While this doesn’t impact the actual outcome of the procedure, it can certainly make you feel a whole lot better about going in for an extraction!


Prepared for All Circumstances


Even practiced dentists and oral surgeons can’t perfectly predict how an extraction will go. Sometimes, an extraction that seems routine can shift with a tooth cracking or extra tissue needing to be removed. An oral surgeon has the know-how and all the facilities to handle these unforeseen issues quickly and successfully. Even more, if an extraction has notable difficulties going into the procedure such as multiple curved roots, an oral surgeon will absolutely be the best option to get a positive result.


If you are in need of an extraction, it is always worth considering and selecting an oral surgeon to perform the procedure, whether or not your dentist actually refers you to one or not. It is hard to match the expertise and experience of a good oral surgeon when it comes to tooth extraction.

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