Dentures vs. Dental Implants

You may be in two different paths of life. Perhaps you already have dentures and they are no longer serving the exact purpose you need, so you may wonder about opting for dental implants instead. On a different path, maybe you are to the point of losing your teeth or wanting to swap them for a set of artificial teeth to better your oral health or ability to eat. Here we will walk you through the differences of the two; dentures vs. dental implants.

Dentures Key Facts

Dentures are a teeth and gum set made of artificial material. The sets are carefully formed to your mouth and have a unique shape to sit in place without causing you discomfort. Dentures can be full or partial, so they can replace all of your teeth, or some of your teeth that may be missing or extracted. Most dentures are made of porcelain, plastic, or hard resin and they last roughly 5 years but will need replacing as they wear away over time or may chip if dropped.

Dental Implants Key Facts

Dental implants are surgically placed systems that sit in the jaw bone. They are used to change a person’s smile or to restore your ability to chew and eat regular, solid foods. The implants hold fake teeth securely into place. They can last up to a lifetime but it does depend on the materials used and how well they are cared for once put in place.


The choice of what to do with your teeth is always a decision that should be up to you and based upon your oral surgeon’s expert recommendation. Whether you decide to get dentures or dental implants, you can trust Shawn B. Davis at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute to take good care of you. Contact the office today to get started: (435) 238-7083

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