Why You Should Remove Wisdom Teeth Early

90% of people lack enough space in their mouths to accommodate wisdom teeth. Despite this, wisdom teeth develop around 10 and usually erupt between 17 and 25. People who accommodate wisdom teeth frequently encounter impactions, which can cause dental infections, harm neighboring teeth, and adjust the patient’s bite alignment. 

Therefore, the following are some of the primary advantages of removing wisdom teeth early: 

Lowers the Risk of Cavities

Because they are located at the far back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are more likely to develop cavities. As a result of swelling gum tissues and the formation of soft-tissue inflammation in which bacteria can grow and cause cavities, adjacent teeth that have wisdom teeth in the mouth for an excessive amount of time may develop cavities. Early extraction of these teeth reduces the risk of cavities developing in neighboring teeth, which is a strong argument in favor of doing so.

It Helps Avoid Impactions

Bacterial growth can lead to the onset of an infection, gum ulcerations, and the deterioration of neighboring teeth when wisdom teeth break through the gum line. It is always a good idea to get wisdom teeth extracted early to prevent the development of these issues since impacts can cause discomfort and irritation. 

It Prevents Overcrowding

When the wisdom teeth erupt, the remaining teeth crowd because most patients’ arches are too small to support more molars. Although crowding is a common negative consequence of wisdom teeth eruption, many patients are unaware that wisdom teeth might alter the mechanics of their bite, which can cause discomfort and even migraines. Patients don’t have to stress about these concerns if the wisdom teeth are removed at the first indication of emergence.

It helps Prevent Sinus Issues

Patients frequently experience sinus problems directly related to the eruption of wisdom teeth. The sinus cavities may be pushed against and rubbed by the bases of the wisdom teeth, and as time goes on, this issue may worsen. Chronic congestion and sinus pain are typical complaints. Early adult tooth extractions can stop the emergence of sinus problems, which can occasionally last a lifetime.

Protects the Gums

When extractions are done too late, the gums frequently suffer, and the wisdom teeth tend to produce bacteria in the mouth. Patients can shield their gums and the other of their teeth from the devastation of periodontal disease by having their wisdom teeth removed early before they can spread infection widely. Cysts, or fluid sacs, frequently form around newly-emerging wisdom teeth. Even though these cysts are frequently benign, they can become serious problems that injure deeper tissues like the jaw’s nerves. 

Makes Extraction Easier

While some people choose to wait until later in their lives to have their wisdom teeth out, this is typically a terrible choice as the root system gets more complicated and denser with each year that occurs after these molars develop, making extractions more challenging, painful, and complex. Young adult patients who have their wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible benefit from considerably simpler extractions and avoid the discomfort, swelling, jaw rigidity, and general feeling of ill health that frequently accompany the problematic emergence of wisdom teeth.

Makes Recovery Quicker

Wisdom teeth grow firm, deep root systems that become more solidly connected with the jaw bone over time, making extractions in later adulthood considerably more challenging. Most patients choose to have their wisdom teeth extracted as early as possible since the longer the healing process will be as they age, the more time they will need. 


Removing wisdom teeth early can save you from many medical issues like pain, gum diseases, infections, and overcrowding. Removing wisdom teeth early on can be one of the biggest favors you can do to your oral health. Contact our experts at the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute for the best treatment for your wisdom teeth and the most reliable medical care. 

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