How to Enjoy Holiday Food after Wisdom Teeth Surgery

When someone gets wisdom teeth removal surgery during the holidays, they are usually upset since they think they will miss out on all the delicious feasts and dishes. However, luckily for you, you can still enjoy holiday cuisines!

Many options are delicious while also remaining post-removal friendly. This article will discuss some of the most delectable dishes perfect for post-wisdom teeth removal. Don’t worry; you can enjoy this holiday season just as well as any.


If you like fish and seafood, salmon is likely the best dish you could eat in the holiday season after your surgery. It is incredibly soft, making it easy to chew; plus, the texture makes it easier to swallow.

Additionally, it is an excellent main dish because of how rich protein salmon is. Also, did you know that it is also an incredibly great source of omega fatty acids? Well, it is; this means it speeds up the recovery by reducing inflammation.

Blended soups

During the chilly weather (or if you live further away, then you may even experience snow), hearty and warm soups sound like a blessing from above. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a “sick” dish; they don’t have to just be to quell your hunger. You can blend various recipes, vegetables, and fruits to fit your taste. You can add tomatoes, greens, pumpkin, potatoes, etc. 

It will give you that holiday feeling that you are looking for while also giving you the nutrition and vitamins that your body needs. Blended soups have vitamins like A, E, and C, which makes them just as healthy as any solid food.  

However, be sure that there aren’t any chunks in the soup. If there are bits and pieces of solid in your soup, it could infect or just irritate the sensitive area.

Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the staple of holiday dinners- widely popular comfort food! But they are also extremely rich in calories. They will provide you with a sufficient amount of energy, perfect for your weakened body.

Additionally, it is common and a public favorite because you can prepare them in various ways. And whichever way you make them, they will remain post-surgery friendly and yummy.

Soft Desserts 

There is no right way to celebrate holidays. While this is true to some degree, there is no holiday feast without many desserts. There is an array of desserts that will be perfect for your post-surgery body. And you still get to experience that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling.

Puddings are an excellent treat; they can also come in different flavors. Other options are types of pies, soft cakes, and creams. However, when eating pies and cakes, you should be careful to avoid the hard crusts.

A wisdom teeth-removal surgery shouldn’t get in the way of your holiday fests and celebrations. You can still enjoy them while taking care of your surgery area. While there are practices that you have to stick to post-surgery, avoiding tasty food isn’t one of them. 

Even if you plan wisdom teeth removal surgery, you shouldn’t worry about missing out on all the holiday delicacies. To have a safe and efficient procedure, you should consult the experts and specialists at OFSI (Oral & Facial Surgery Institute).

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