Pediatric Oral and Facial Surgery: When is It Necessary?

The health of a child’s smile is a critical element of their overall well-being, meaning maintaining optimal oral health is crucial from an early age. Let’s explore the vital role of Oral Surgeons in pediatric care, shed light on common concerns, signs, and symptoms, the evaluation process, and our approach to providing child-friendly care. 


Common Pediatric Oral and Facial Issues


Pediatric oral and facial issues are diverse, ranging from congenital abnormalities to facial trauma. Cleft lip and palate, impacted teeth, and accidents are among the challenges that may require surgical intervention. As parents and caregivers, understanding these conditions is fundamental for providing the best possible care for your child. 


Signs and Symptoms


Recognizing signs and symptoms early is key to addressing oral concerns in children to safeguard their development. From difficulty eating or speaking to abnormalities in facial structure, vigilant about these indicators allows for prompt intervention. 


Evaluation and Diagnosis 


Our friendly staff and welcoming environment ensure your child’s comfort while in our office. When examining a patient, Dr. Davis is very thorough, utilizing advanced imaging techniques and diagnostic tools. Technological advancements have played a significant role in providing precise diagnoses and allowing for highly specialized treatment plans. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! 


Types of Pediatric Oral and Facial Surgery


Tooth Extraction 


It may be suggested to have wisdom teeth, permanent teeth, or even baby teeth pulled if your child is experiencing crowding. Tooth extractions are often recommended for orthodontic reasons. Removing these teeth early can help with proper alignment of the jaw and improved facial structure. 




A frenectomy is a surgery to remove stra folds of soft tissue in the mouth, typically on the upper lip or under the tongue, especially for children born tongue-tied. Excess tissue in these areas can lead to speech or other problems and is often recommended for removal. 


Treatment of Injury or Trauma


As parents ourselves, we understand that accidents happen! Anything from a cut, knocked-out tooth, or a jaw fracture may require oral surgery. If you or your child experiences an emergency involving the mouth, please contact our office immediately. Our staff is always available to assist and answer your questions. 


Preparing for Pediatric Oral and Facial Surgery 


Our staff will provide guidelines for preparing your child after your evaluation with Dr. Davis. Feel free to ask questions and allow our staff to address your concerns. Understanding the preoperative process helps alleviate anxiety and contributes to a smoother experience for you and your child. 


Recovery and Follow-Up Care


The recovery process after the procedure will be carefully outlined, including follow-up appointments and ongoing care. Careful postoperative procedures ensure optimal recovery and the long-term success of the surgery. 



Pediatric oral care plays a crucial role in ensuring a child’s overall health and well-being. From addressing concerns to the procedure, Dr. Davis and his staff are here for your child’s unique needs. Recognizing signs early is vital, so schedule a consultation if you feel it’s necessary. Whether it’s a tooth extraction or trauma care, our focus is providing the best, child-friendly care possible. Trust our dedicated team to safeguard your child’s oral health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Davis today!

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