How Implants Reduce Long Term Dental Costs

Before the price of dental implants completely deters you away from them, you may be interested to see how the other replacement options can add up.


Bridge Replacements

Over the course of the years of having a bridge placed, you may need to have it fixed or replaced several times. Not only will you find yourself replacing your bridge, but you also have to damage the teeth on the sides. In order to have a bridge placed the dentist must grind down the two healthy teeth next to the missing one in order to make the appliance fit. Grinding down a natural tooth may also cause issues down the road that can lead to costly treatments.



Dentures are known to be high maintenance. With no natural teeth, over time your jaw bone will start to disintegrate. This will make your denture loose and you will find yourself trying to keep them in your mouth every time you open your mouth too wide. Dentures are also made from a thick chunk of acrylic which tends to be a mouth full for patients.


No Replacement

Not replacing missing teeth can put a damper on your appearance and it can affect your bite and make it difficult to eat. You are also more likely to acquire gum disease, TMJ, and decay. Dental bills will start to rack up and you will only experience more and more problems as time goes on.


If you are missing a tooth, we strongly advise that you contact the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute at (435) 383-5392. Let Dr. Davis help you bring back that beautiful smile you once had so you can feel confident about your appearance again!