TMJ Treatment and Why You Need It

TMJ Treatment and Why You Need It

The temporomandibular joint connects your skull to your jaw. If it suffers damage or injury, it can result in severe discomfort in your teeth and the part where your face connects with your jaw. This pain and discomfort is temporomandibular joint syndrome or disorder. The pain originates from the nerves and muscles of the jaw that suffer damage due to injuries to the skull or jaw or both.

Once the temporomandibular joint suffers damage, it can inflame. This inflammation leads to serious pain after a short time when you use your jaw to chew, bite, crackle, or click. Further, you may also experience intense headaches and migraines in this condition that can progress with time if you leave the condition untreated. Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint is possible depending on the intensity of the damage.

What are TMJ Treatments?

Let’s discuss the different treatment options for TMJ.

Home Remedies

Home remedies include avoiding stressing your jaw or skull, which means talking less for some time, so your jaw doesn’t have to move. Further, you can use ice for the swelling on the face while eating soft foods to reduce any bruising that may occur. Jaw exercises can help regain movement. Avoiding hard food items and sleeping in the most comfortable position to avoid stress on your jaw also helps.


If symptoms progress or stay persistent even after home remedies, your doctor may prescribe medications according to your needs. The medication they will prescribe can help you with numerous aspects of the disorder, such as swelling, pain, muscle inflammation, and more. Additionally, the doctor may suggest taking talk therapy to reduce stress.


TMJ disorder treatment surgeries are common and have a high success rate of nearly 80 to 90 percent. Your doctor will decide whether you require surgery or not in any case. The most common TMJ treatment surgeries include:

  • Joint Replacement (temporomandibular)
  • Corrective Dental Procedures for improving teeth alignment and bite
  • Arthrocentesis for removing any buildup of debris or fluid in the joint

What are the Benefits of TMJ Treatment?

You should get treatment for your TMJ disorder to alleviate the pain that you feel when you perform normal activities like chewing, biting, and more. For a healthy life, it is best to address all medical concerns as soon as they arise. Here are some of the main benefits of getting TMJ treatment:

  • Ability to enjoy meals again
  • Lower pain in the jaw and skull
  • Improvement in health
  • Better mood and thus the quality of life
  • Improved ear health
  • Lower risk of growing dental concern


The cause of TMJ plays a major part in the type of treatment that you will get. While many people have to reach out to an experienced professional, you can also find relief through home remedies. If you think that your TMJ disorder is progressing or becoming more painful, contact the Oral & Facial Surgery Institute. Our expert Dr. Davis holds extensive experience in addressing painful jaw conditions and disorders. Call us at (435) 220-2324 to set an appointment today. Visit our official website for more information.

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