Top 3 Signs of Tooth Impaction

When a tooth gets impacted there are issues that can arise. First, your teeth may be pushed toward each other, causing a crooked smile. Second, your impaction may cause intense, radiating pain into your tooth, jaw, and face. Third, the impaction can lead to infection when your teeth are being moved unnaturally, leading to tight pockets that can harbor bacteria and germs. For this reason, knowing the warning signs of tooth impaction is important. 

First Sign – Swelling

If at any point in time your cheek, face, jaw, or gums are swelling, that is a clear sign to seek professional guidance because you may have an impacted tooth or an infection.

Second Sign – Pain

Though pain may happen in your mouth for a variety of reasons, if your gums, cheek, jaw, or teeth are in pain you should always see an oral health specialist. They can give you a concrete answer to where your pain is stemming from, and how to treat it and provide comfort. One of the most common signs of tooth impaction is a throbbing pain in the area.

Third Sign – Unusual Bad Odor

If you notice that your mouth has changed from its original smell in a negative way, one possible explanation is an impacted tooth. If this is the case, your oral surgeon can remove the impacted tooth and get you a treatment plan to restore the natural smell of your breath and teeth.


There are several ways to be alerted to an impacted tooth before a severe impaction takes place. Always pay attention to your mouth and how it’s changing and feeling. If you feel like you may have a tooth impacted, Shawn B. Davis at Oral & Facial Surgery Institute can help. Call the office today (435) 238-7083 if you have questions or want to discuss your concerns with a professional.

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