Top 5 Problems Created by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The last set of adult teeth to emerge is the third molars or ‘wisdom teeth.’ They erupt at the back of the mouth when an individual reaches adolescence or adulthood. It is pertinent to mention that the experience does anything but make you wiser. It can be extremely problematic, not to mention painful.


In addition to this, if it does not have enough room in the mouth to erupt through the gum or happens to get stuck under it, it is an impacted wisdom tooth. In that case, they are more prone to infections, tooth decay, and other severe dental issues.


When a wisdom tooth passes through the gum, one can see the parts of it. This occurrence means getting partially-impacted wisdom teeth that can be quite painful. This is because small crevices can trap, which can get difficult to clean.

In case the tooth suffers from an infection, the symptoms include a swollen jaw in addition to red, painful, bleeding gums. You may also suffer from bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth. You may even face trouble opening the mouth, which can lead to difficulty in eating.

Common problems

1. Pressure on the surrounding teeth

Most wisdom teeth tend to erupt at an angle that puts pressure on the surrounding teeth. This pressure can cause the other teeth to shift, thereby damaging them. This increases the risk of contracting an infection.

2. Tooth Decay

Partially erupted wisdom teeth means food gets stuck in those small gaps. Normal brushing cannot help with the cleaning. As a result, entrapped food ends up, causing the teeth to decay.

Without timely intervention, the decay can make its way to the nerve. This can lead to dental problems like abscesses, and you might then have to go for a root canal.

3. Gum infection

Gums can suffer from infections due to untreated tooth decay. This dental problem is pericoronitis, which means painful and swollen gums. Your breath goes bad, and you experience swelling in the lymph nodes. As a result, you might not even get to open your mouth properly. Pericoronitis is what often leads people to get their wisdom teeth extracted. The pain can get so unbearable that the only solution is to get rid of the wisdom tooth.

4. Cysts

They are another major, but quite rare, complication that wisdom teeth can cause. It can get painful. Therefore, one must take it seriously. The cyst can end up damaging the nerves and lead to serious issues, like benign tumors.

5. Sinus

Are you wondering how? Well, teeth come with a long root. When wisdom teeth emerge, the root can put constant pressure on an individual’s sinus system. As a result, you might face severe headaches and sinus pain.

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