When Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth, unfortunately, are something that most people have to deal with at some point or another in their lifetime. Some experience issues in their early teenage years while others start dealing with issues later on.


A lot of people wonder when the right time to get their wisdom teeth out is and the answer to that varies. Most kids who are seeing an orthodontist regularly are usually recommended for wisdom teeth removal before orthodontic treatment is finished or shortly after.


If orthodontic treatment is completed before wisdom teeth removal, it can cause complications to arise later on down the road. If the wisdom teeth are impacted and they start to erupt after orthodontic care, it can cause shifting and crowding of permanent teeth and that can result in more orthodontic treatment. Who wants that?


Most dentists and surgeons recommend wisdom teeth removal between the ages of 16-25. Having them removed at an earlier age will ensure that the roots are not fully formed, which means a speedier recovery.


Some people get lucky and they have a large enough jaw structure that they do not need to worry about wisdom teeth removal. If that is the case, proper brushing and flossing techniques must be followed as having four extra teeth can be tricky!


Wisdom teeth left untreated can cause gum tenderness, swelling, infection and extreme facial pain. If the teeth have partially erupted they can become hard to clean and are susceptible to tooth decay.


If you are unsure if you or a child needs wisdom teeth taken out, schedule a consultation at the Oral and Facial Surgery Institute.

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